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Air Freight Tunisia, Importer of record Tunisia, Time Critical Shipment

Express World Tunisia manages critical shipments with a unique know- how in terms of customizing just in time solutions to its customers needs.

Our dedicated team expert in emergencies is able to handle timely and properly specific logistics challenges through an adapted partners network.

Our core business is focused on Automotive, Aerospace and High-tech industries.

Why Express World Tunisia?

Time critical shipment of high-value
Time critical shipment of high-value

Express World Tunisia is specialized in Time Critical shipments , Our elite of dedicated logistics experts are available to provide a solution for your urgentneeds 24h a day, we are connected to Worldwide networks to support your challenges and to secure the Transit time needed.

Real Time Tracking
Real Time Tracking

Express World Tunisia is capable to handle your shipments efficiently with the most suitable freight solutions rather it’s a customized or a standard one.

Worldwide Logistics Network
Worldwide Logistics Network

Our worldwide network is our mean so we can serve you no matter where you are, we can operate quickly, share our knowledge, experience and expertise with you and we’ll keep you fully informed of the status of your shipment as Communication is an essential part of our service.

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Express World’s logistics services in Tunisia

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Our Air Freight activities in Tunisia

Express World Tunisia offers a wide range of air solutions depending on the customer internal problematic and their logistics challenges. From the standard airfreight service to the chartering, our team will provide you with a customized and adapted solution to your exact need.


Land & Sea Freight in Tunisia

Express World Tunisia provides specialized sea and road transport services in terms of speed, routing and solutions.

We offers same day road deliveries. Our express carriers network allows us offering cost effective solutions with in time shipments tracking.


1- Express World Tunisia :
: Rue du Lac Huron Les Berges du lac 1053 Tunis
2- Airfreight Branch :
: Terminal Fret Tunis Carthage IMM 1050 Tunis
3- Bizerte Office :
: Celio AV Hassen NouriBizerte 7000