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Each industry has very specific needs regarding its transport and logistics requirements. It is our job to find out most convenient and customized solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

Express World Group offers below services :

  • 24/7 availability for pricing, acceptance, booking and orders follow

  • Next flight out service with pre-booked capacity access, to ensure procurement logistics are carried out smoothly for the just-in-time production

  • An extensive network including pickup, delivery and customs clearance

  • Shortest transport and transit times

  • Proactive tracking of all shipments

  • Identification of solutions by logistics experts

  • Organization of an On Board Courier or Charter upon request

Automotive industry Automobile manufacturers are constantly faced with challenges, so logistics is required to get everything from pre-assembled components down to the last screw to the right place at the right time. As an automotive specialist, we offer solutions for your complex logistics requirements for in-bound production material and the distribution of spare parts. Automotive Logistics supervises the entire delivery chain from procurement through, production to the final delivery with fastest tailor-made solution.

Aerospace Our know-how and experience enables us to support your organisation with any challenge that you face. Whether you need visibility in handling your aftermarket spare parts, or technical assistance when launching new engines or other aircraft parts to the market, our teams are ready to assist and succeed complexe logistics challenges for the aerospace industry

HIGHTECH and ELECTRONICS In High-tech and electronics industries, a logistics partner who is fast, flexible and in full control of the process is needed. Especially in emergency situations, when machines fail or spare parts are missing, the pressure is on to “get things running” smoothly again. our high quality products are in good hands when entrusted to our experienced global teams, which specialize in making your supply chain as efficient as it can get

Pharma and Health care The healthcare industry has strict regulations and sets high
requirements. We manage our operational processes around  these standards and offer the highest level of supervision by trained specialists at each point of transport